Friday, April 04, 2008

Tawashi Swap Score


Look at the tawashi swap I scored from the first swap,Premier Tawashi Swap, on the Tawashi Town group on Ravelry.

My swap partner, Cathy (bohobluestocking on Ravelry), really went beyond the requirments which was to send one tawashi. She knitted me four different tawashi. She wrote that she used real tawashi yarn which is usually antibacteria acrylic yarn for the white hexagon one.


Aren't they so adorable! She also sent me some Gin-Gins, a giner candy, a pink notebook, a set of really cute self-stick notes, and a huge fun heart shaped ring (total bling!).

I really enjoyed this swap. It was fast and easy. I got to try knitting some Citrus Slice Tawashi myself, and I got some great tawashi and treats too. Thanks Cathy!

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emicat said...

What a great tawashi swap package you received! :)

I love swaps but decided to limit myself to 2 a year and for those that include coffee and yarn - those have been a lot of fun!