Sunday, April 06, 2008

Knitting For Obama

Yesterday, Lisa and I went to the 11th Legislative District caucus as delegates for Obama. It was a lot of waiting around while they counted delegates and alternates for both Obama and Clinton.


So I brought a sock to knit with me. The sock pattern is Broadribble from Knitty, Summer 2003. I'm using a skein of yarn I got from the trip Ialiux, Charity, and I took the the Blue Moon Fiber De-stashing sale in Oregon back in November. It is Socks That Rock Lightweight and the color is called Henpecked.


Oh, and Obama had at more than 1/2 the delegates if not 3/4 of them. Go, Obama!


Lisa said...

Wow! Look at those women knit! Go Obama.

emicat said...

Great to hear the Obama supporters are still out in full force :)

Looks like you got some great knitting done in the process too. I really need to get crackin on my socks and get those darn things finished!

Hope to try to make it to knit nite this week - hope to see you there too!

Benjamin Ady said...

the knitting is beautiful!

Do you happen to know what the final breakdown was for Obama and Clinton delegates elected onwards from the 11 LD caucus? If you do, could you email me with the numbers?

It's Benjamin DOT Ady AT

Thank you very kindly!