Saturday, September 27, 2008

Contest Progress - Day 3

Someone on the Lucky Lurker board has already finished the Wraplan! So I won't be winning the discount on the Duet Yarn but Erica hasn't finished yet, so I'm still in the running for the sushi dinner.

I got a couple of hours in yesterday when my computer at worked bombed. The computer is in Califorina. I remote into and all my work is on it. So when I can't get to it, I can't work. Poor me, I had to knit.

I finished the mock ribbing at the bottom of the body and I'm now onto the sleeves. I'm knitting 2 at a time on one circular. I've finally learned how to do that properly on my last pair of socks which I realize now as I type this, I haven't posted here.

I went out with friends to a an Ethiopian place called Mesob last night. It was pretty good. I've only had Ethipian food one time before about 10 years ago in DC when I was on business. It was much more fun to eat it with a bunch of friends. The style of eating is very communal.

I'll post pictures of my progress on my Wraplan later today. I'm off to walk 9 miles with Seattle Fit as part of my training for the Seattle Marathon in November. I'm doing the 1/2 marathon. And them I'm off to take the water taxi with a friend across Elliot Bay to downtown so that we can go to SAM to see a bead exhibit and some artists. If we have time we are going to So Much Yarn.

I'm going to take my knitting with me to downtown. But I doubt I'll have much time to knit. Drat! Looks like Erica is going to win!

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