Monday, September 29, 2008

Contest Progress - Day 5

I worked on the Wraplan last night while watching Robin Hood on DVD (Robin and Miriam are finally together!) and got the sleeves done and started on the collar. Well, I picked up for the collar. I was pretty tired after a busy weekend despite a 2 hour nap yesterday when I got to that part. I picked up 3 times (is this a theme?!?) before I decided my head was too muddled to figure it out.

Don't know how much I'll get done tonight. But maybe I can get the collar done. Erica has her project marked at 90% on Ravelry so I think she is still ahead. She hasn't posted on the Lucky Lurker forum or in her project notes actual progress, so it is hard to know.


1 comment:

emicat said...

If you're at 85% and Erica at 90%, it's still a close race!

Look forward to seeing you guys at knit nite to see the winner gloat :)