Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Race Is On

Angi over at A Swell Yarn Shop has a contest going on using her Duet or DeKAY yarn. The winners who finish first get 50% off a skein a yarn. She has posted 2 patterns so there will be 2 winners.

One of the patterns is Broadripple which I've already knit. And the other is the Offset Wraplet (pdf).

I've decided on the Wraplet. It will be really cute with the contrasting yarn for the neckband, button band, and cuffs. Of course, I don't know any babies in my life right now but that doesn't mean one won't show up to gift to.

I'm using some Duet yarn I bought earlier this year:

I know I won't be the first one finished but my friend Ericka and I have a side bet going. We are both working on the wraplet and whoever finishes last has to buy the other one sushi.

So last night we both cast on at the knit night we go to. However, she is in the lead because I had to cast on 3 times before I got it right. First, I miscounted. Second, I counted correctly but the gauge was way big, 10 inches to big! So on the third try I went down a needle size and cast on less stitches. This gives me an advantage though since I'll end up knitting less stitches overall.

Hmmm... should I cast on again tonight with the correct number of stitches and a smaller size?!?

There is sushi on the line after all.

Crap! I can't cheat. Not over knitting. So down one needle size and casting on again! Ugh! I may need to stay up late and knit, knit, knit so I can catch up!

It is all in good fun though. In either case, I'll get to have sushi and there is a new Blue C Sushi over at South Center mall that we can try out.

Wish me luck!

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emicat said...

Look forward to seeing which of you two cross the finish line.

I'll go out for the celebratory sushi dinner too - I haven't checked out Blue C yet.

Have a great weekend and KNIT KNIT KNIT! :)