Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do We Have A Winner?!

I finished my wraplan tonight. When I started knitting this evening I had the collar, button placket, and buttonhole placket to knit. Erica posted this morning that she had all but the weaving in to do. So I figured I would just knit and sew in my ends and not check to see if she had posted hers until I had mine photographed and posted.

And she hasn't posted hers yet! I can't believe it. I may have snuck in at the end and stole the sushi dinner!

It isn't 100% complete, of course. It still needs the buttons and I want to block it because the plackets seem taller then the rest of the wraplan. But Angi only required us to have all our ends woven in (and there was a bunch of them). So for the contest I'm done.

Tomorrow, I'm going to look for some cute buttons before I go to knit night and gloat... I mean show off... I mean sew on the buttons. ;)


Suna said...

And even if you didn't win, you got a cute little end product!

emicat said...

How cute that turned out! :)

Look forward to seeing you at knit nite and find out who the sushi winner is.