Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mom's Mittens

A few weeks ago, I went to Port Townsend with Charity, Ialiuxh, and my mom. We took the Edmonds Kingston ferry and spent a nice afternoon walking the main street and shopping at the two yarn stores there, The Twisted Ewe and
Diva Yarn & Trim.

While we were in Diva Yarn & Trim, my mom spotted a Sweaterkits Handpainted Silk Mitts kit. The yarn is super soft and jewel toned. The colors in the silk yarn are just beautiful.

These knitted up quickly on size 3 needles. I didn't knit both at the same time and wish I had because one is slightly smaller then the other one. Sigh. Anyway, they fit pretty much the same and that is what counts. Hope mom likes them!

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emicat said...

wow, you finished them already??? Those look great! :)