Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thirfting Around Ballard

Amy and I have decided to check out different neighborhoods in Seattle on the weekends to see where we'd like to buy a house eventually. I'm hoping we can buy next year but we may need to save another year before we can afford the down payment.

So this last weekend we went over to Ballard and went to a couple of thrift stores. The first two sweaters I got at Value Village. The third at Goodwill.

This first one seems to be a handmade cardigan. If it didn't have fuzzy novelty and eyelash yarns in it, I might even keep it to wear. I like the colors. But the real reason I bought the cardigan wasn't to wear or even for the yarn. I bought it for the buttons.

Aren't these great? Dichoric buttons like these could easily cost $2 to $3 or more. The sweater has 5 of them.

This second one was $2.50, half price from $4.99 because it was yellow tag day. It is a women's large and the yarn content is; 35% wool, 28% viscose, 15% Nylon, 9% Silk, 3% Cashmere, and 3% Other fiber (hmmm?). I wasn't really sure I wanted it, but Amy kept saying "it is only $2.50 and stop stressing about it." The yarn will be good for small projects.

The big find of the day though was this:

It is a 100% Alpaca sweater. Look at all those cables and different stitches. I'm going to get a lot of yarn out of this one. Really soft yarn. The label says it was hand knit in Peru. So I'm trying not feel bad about ripping it our for yarn. It is too big and bulky for me to ever wear.

Aren't these great finds? Oh and Ballard is pretty cool too!

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Suna said...

Ooh, Rhonda, those are my dream buttons. You really lucked out. I don't know if I could un-knit the Peruvian sweater, but that sure will be nice yarn.