Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wickedly Foolish (Just In Time for Xmas)


I'd have given up on this is it wasn't for Amy. Every time I said it looked like crap and that I just couldn't give it to my mother, Amy would try on the cardigan and tell me how great it is.

And when I would complain that the button band rolled in on itself and I should just throw it in a bag and get my mom something else for Xmas, Amy would say, "but, you can block that out right?" (she's got the lingo down good huh?)

So I perservered and last night I finally finished knitting and weaved in the ends. But again I lamented about the button band and again Amy reminded me about blocking.

Well, today I washed it in Soak and pinned it out on my "new" blocking board from Ialiauxh. And if it the blocking takes, then the button band rolling problem could be solved. Will know later after it dries.

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Suna said...

Glad you have Amy--it looks pretty good to me, too! If I didn't have a partner encouraging me to finish 15 inches of stockinette for the back of a cardigan, I doubt I'd be working on my current project, either! Men sure need big cardigans, sigh.