Monday, November 17, 2008

Actual Knitting Content

Yes, I remember that this is a knitting blog. So here are some updates:

Last night, my friend Tammy came over to learn how to knit socks. Granted, it is near impossible to learn how to knit socks in one evening, but I did get her started on DPNs which she had never used before.

I'm having her knit a basic cuff-down afterthought heel sock. I also cast on with her so we could work through doing the join in the round and the start of the K2P2 ribbing.

The yarn is Lane Cervinia Calzetteria in a lovely Blue, Green, Purple mix. And I'm using Size 1 DPNs, although I plan to switch to a circular needle after I have the ribbing of both socks knitted.

I got to show of my swift and ball winder too which she hadn't seen before either. I was almost hesitant to tell her about the dark side of knitting, Ravelry, but I did. We can always use another good knitter!

I'm also knitting a garter stitch hat to match the the Garter Stitch Loop Through Scarf I finished recently. Both are Xmas gifts.

I'm using Rowan Tapestry yarn. I need to check the needle size but I think it is a 3 or a 4.

And my final WIP for Xmas is a pair of Fetching wrist warmers in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light on size 1 or 2 needles.

I have some other Xmas knitting gift ideas in mind but I'm waiting to start them until the Xmas gifts I have on the needles are done first. And the socks... well they have to wait too. That is if I can keep my hands off of them!

ETA: Here's a picture of Erica with my Myvu glasses on at knit night last night. These thing rock! Check out the demo on their site.

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emicat said...

LOVE your Fetching! I've ripped mine out a few times now because somehow I'm messing up the cabling. Once I'm done w/ the holiday knitting, I may need to ask for help to see what the hell I'm doing wrong.

Hope to see you tonight!

P.S. If you can bring the Fetching, please do! I've love to see a pair firsthand.