Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Garter Stitch Hat

Finished this tonight at knit night. Thanks to Angi for trying it on over and over again to make sure it fit right!

This was a simple pattern I made up to go long with the Garter Loop Through Scarf I made. First, I casted on 110 stitches and worked in K1P1 for about 2 inches and then switched to Garter Stitch for 5 inches. Decrease 10 stitches every other row until the last row is K2TOG all around. Cinch up remaining stitches. Weave in ends.

Needle- US 3
Yarn - Rowan Tapestry 1 Skein

I really like the Rowan Tapestry yarn. It is very soft and goes really far. I bought 3 skeins originally and have one left after making the scarf and hat. If I have time before Xmas after finishing other gifts, I may make some fingerless gloves to match.

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emicat said...

Now how did I miss seeing that last night? That's an awesome looking hat and the color is so cute!