Sunday, August 20, 2006

Podcast Up

Yeah! I got the 17th episode of the Knitting News Cast up. I spent a good part of the day getting it ready and recording it.

This morning though I worked out in my garden before it got to hot. I dug up some of the flower beds where the plants had died from the heat and drought. I covered up the beds with tank liner so nothing will grow until I'm ready to plant some flowers later this fall.

I have gotten one row of knitting done today. One row! Luckily, the 4400 is about to come on. So I will get to knit during the show and the one after it, The Dead Zone.

Now that I've finished the SWTC V-Neck Shell, I need to get started on another project. Need to look through my holiday knitting list as well as my knitting wish list.

I did find a cute rasta style baby hat in this weeks Knitting Pattern A Day calendar. It is adorable!

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