Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pre-Felted Bags and Clutches

I've been working on knitting up some bags and clutches to felt for holiday gifts. I want to use them like gift bags for my girlfriends and female family members. I plan on putting little items like lotion and shower gel from Bath and Body Works (doesn't their stuff smell great?) along with chocolates or something.

I've been using Cascade 220 for the zipper bags and Lamb's Pride Bulky for the clutches. The zipper bags are based on a pattern a woman at the Sunday morning brunch at HCW told me.

Basically you cast on 90 stitches on 10 1/2 needles and knit in the round till you get to the right height. Then you bind off. Once it is felted, you sew in a zipper. I try to get the bag felted down to a little bit longer then 9 inches so that I can use a 9 inch zipper.
The pattern for the clutch comes from Leigh Radford's One Skein book. I've made 4 of the clutches so far. Posted by Picasa

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Hi Rhonda,
I love your website and want to find about three hours to listen to your podcasts and catch up on your recent blog entries. You have so much information and knowledge! First, I want to follow your lead and make small one-skein bags for Christmas gifts this year, as you mentioned, and second, the book you referenced about managing your stash really caught my eye.

I was so lucky to get you as a secret pal, because you know much more than I do about knitting and are an amazing knitter/felter/crafter. Lucky me!
Looking forward to staying current with your entries/podcasts.