Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hoodie Appeal Mystery Solved

I have often wondered what the appeal of a garment with a hoodie was. Especially as an extension to a sweater. I'm not big into collars so the idea of a hoodie seemed extreme. Plus don't they mess up your hair?!?

Of course, that was coming from the mentality of someone living in a hot climate with very mild and dry winters.

Now that I'm in Seattle, I can see where a really good hoodie could come in handy. So I've been eyeing several sweater patterns:
Mariah - a zippered cardigan hoodie
Very Cropped Hoodie - which would be great for layering
Central Park Hoodie - this one isn't free and I don't think I have the Knitscene issue anymore

I'm also considering a Hoodie Scarf

Know of any other good hoodie patterns?

But while I decide, I think I'll make a headband so I can tame my hair some in the wind and keep my ears warm in the process. I think I'm going to use the Louet Gem yarn I bought the other day. I was going to use it to make some more wrist warmers but I think I need something for my head NOW. My hands can go in my pockets!

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Suna said...

Thank you. The hoodie has long been a mystery to me, too. Must be because the trend didn't start until after I moved away from Illinois. (It was cold there. I made hats.)