Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sock Progress

I got through the heel on my second pair of On Your Toes sock from the Interweave Summer 2007 issue. I wanted to get past there before going to a knitting group in Renton tonight.

The leg part is just K2P2 so I'll be able to do that and chat at the same time.

From the posts on the Yahoo! group page, the women seem great! And I've added some of them already to my Ravelry friends list so I've gotten to see some of their projects and blog posts already.

I have even added some projects to my queue after seeing some of theirs. My queue is getting loooooong! I have 38 patterns in it right now. Not all of the are actual projects I'm going to do though.

Several of them are cardigan patterns that are either raglan or raglan with cables. I'm wanting to design a top-down raglan cable sweater for my mom for Xmas. I have a basic idea of what I want. I've sketched it out but I also want to print out some knitting graph paper so I can have it all worked out.

I also want to start another pair of socks so I have a small project to take when I goto knitting groups. I'm thinking about doing Monkey (it is one of the most cast-on projects on Ravelry right now) or some other textured sock pattern. I'm getting tired of just K2P2 and now that I understand better the construction of a sock, I think I'm ready to tackle something a little bit more complicated.

I don't have many sock patterns in my queue so I guess I'll start looking for a pattern or two. I plan on using the Fly Dyed yarn I bought at the Puyallup fair a couple of weeks ago. I just need to wind it into a ball which I'm going to have to do by hand because my ball winder and swift are still in a box back in Texas!

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