Sunday, October 14, 2007

Two More Sweaters To Recycle

Okay, this is getting addicting. I hit 2 thrifts store yesterday after I went to the Renaissance Yarn Fall Fashion Show in Kent. I was on the look out for sweaters to recycle.

I didn't find anything at the Children's Hospital Thrift store in Kent. But there was a great little bookstore, New Earth Books, next door that I checked out. The ladies in the store working there were really nice (maybe a little too nice, I felt a little overwhelmed by all their attention) and I ended up getting a reading from Ginger.

I wanted to know why I'm here in Seattle and what to expect. She gave me some good insights to the real reasons I left Texas, which I hadn't fully articulate for myself.

I've wanted a new beginning and just couldn't seem to get one going. I mean, a lesbian, non-Christian, democrat living in deeply Christian rural Texas Bush loving country?!? What was I thinking? Don't get me wrong. I love Marble Falls and my friends there. But honestly now that I'm finally ready to settle down somewhere, it really needs to be in a BLUE state.

She also told me that I need to make sure I got out in nature everyday. She suggested that I find a tree to hug (maybe literally but I think also as just a place to get to) and to get a little bit of sun each day (how I'm going to do the later, I don't know since it isn't necessarily sunny in Seattle that much right now). She also said I needed to add another time of prayer/meditation to my day in the evening. So I'm considering taking yoga since I already journal/pray/meditate in the mornings.

I know that lots of people don't believe in psychic readers, but having learned and read the tarot a little bit myself, I know that HP can talk to us through lots of ways. I've had friends in the past who were gifted readers. I take what I like and leave the rest.

Anyway, back to the sweater hunt. I did find two at Value Village in Burien. They were both men's sweaters in wool. One has a strand of purple and a strand of red yarn plyed together. I'm thinking I'll make Amy a cardigan that doesn't have a high neck since she hates having anything touch her neck and this yarn is a little scratchy.

The other sweater has natural/white yarn. It has great cabeling done on it. I almost hate to take it apart but I'm never going to wear it in its current form. I want to practice dyeing with the recycled yarn. I hoping it isn't superwash, but it seems to scratchy to be that. Don't know what I'll make with the yarn, it will probably give me enough for several projects since it is a men's large sweater.

Oh, and you know, ripping out a sweater when it is not one you knitted yourself is very meditative and satisfying.


Suna said...

Hey, I do tarot. I draw a card every morning and blog about it. So does my fiance. We are, as you may guess, exceptions in Williamson County, too. Luckily we are UUs so we know where all the liberals, democrats and GLBTs up here are hiding.

I think the area around Marble Falls is the most beautiful place I have ever been, other than perhaps parts of Ireland (the Burren is very similar, only different rocks). And it has a good "feel." But many of the people are scary. I really wanted to buy land and retire there some day (because fiance is from Texas and likes it). But...we would not fit in, either.

At least there are knitters there!

Christine said...

Well, at least when you were in the Austin area, that is one of the most blue areas in the state. That said, I still have issues with living in the south, even after being here for 20 years. I miss the northern mentality, and long to go back up north someday. Someday...