Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wickedly Foolish Cardigan

I'm adding a Wicked twist to the Knitting Fool's Top Down Raglan.

I love the look of the Wicked top by Sarah and Rachel of Zephry, especially the mock cable ribbing. But I wanted to make a cardigan and I like the way Pamela adapted the Wicked pattern to a cardigan into one.

So, I knitted up a swatch, entered the numbers and had the Knitting Fool calculate the stitch counts (74). I added 12 stitches for the K1P1 button bands for a total of 86 stitches.

This one is for Mom for X-mas. She reads my blog so it won't be a big surprise. Plus I'm going to make her try it on as I knit it so that it is the right size.

Is it okay to give your mother something wickedly foolish!?!

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