Saturday, October 13, 2007

Renaissance Yarn Fall Fashion Show

I went to Renaissance Yarn in Kent this morning to see their Fall Fashion show featuring garments knit from Louet yarn.

Right after I walked in and started browsing, one of the owners, Nancy, welcomed me and spoke with me for a couple a minutes about the store. She was really sweet and made me feel right at home!

Renaissance Yarn was packed with lots of women (and a couple of men) for the fashion show. There is a great corner up at the front of the store filled with sitting chairs that are used for classes and drop-in knitting. Today the chairs were all facing toward the center of the store and there were other chairs set up around as well.

I sat in a chair near where the models came out with the garments on. I particularly like Tori. It was knit from Euroflax which is 100% Wet Spun Linen yarn. I'm not a big fan of how linen feels in the skein but knit up and washed it sure does soften up!

Another one I liked was Madisson. Although, I'd change the way the button are attached. And the cardigan looked a whole lot better on the model at the store today then it does in the picture for the pattern.

I was disappointed that two of the patterns in the guide, Fei and Shauna, weren't at the fashion show. They both look like wonderful patterns and I'd love to have seen them in person.

I really liked the Gem wool yarn that Louet has. It comes in 4 different weights and has a great selection of colors. I bought a skein of light/worsted weight in Teal. I'm planning on making a set of wrist warmers with it.

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Sabbath D. said...

Oh you went! Very cool! Did you see, did they have the Louet spinning wheel out yet? They were going to start selling those too....

OH! And to answer your question, on the plant based fibers (cotton, bamboo were the only two I think, we used procion dyes from Dharma Trading, and on the animal fibers (wool and a few silk hankies) we used Jacquard Acid Dyes.