Monday, October 08, 2007

Recycled Yarn

I went to Goodwill last week on the prowl for sweaters to take apart for recycled yarn. I found three. The grey sleeveless one is acrylic but it is so light I'm thinking I can use it for something. The red one is 85% wool and 15% nylon. And the blue one looks like it is 100% and hand knit.
I started taking the red sweater apart last night. I got all the pieces, sleeves, front, back, and collar, all cut apart. And I've unraveled one sleeve and the front.

Not sure what I'll use the yarn for, if I do. The yarn isn't that great but I wanted to practice taking a couple of sweaters apart before I worked on one with really good yarn.

I'm surprised how satisfying and relaxing it was to unravel the yarn. It was a little messy. The yarn that was used to sew up the seams had to be snipped all the way around so I had little pieces of yarn everywhere.

The blue sweater is knit in the round but I may not unravel it. I may make a recycled sweater tote instead.

Here are the tutorials I'm using to learn how to unravel sweaters for yarn
Sweater Unraveling / Yarn Recycling Tutorial
Recycling Yarn

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