Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yarn Galore!

Not only did my box of yarn for my Silver Bell come from Knit Picks yesterday, I also got some swatching samples from Sarah's Yarn.

Plus, Charity was having a stash reduction and I bought some great Lane Cervinia sock yarn. I just love the color! And it feels soooooooft.

Along with the 6 skeins I got yesterday from Knit Picks, I now have enough yarn to make 4 pairs of socks. I still have to finish my Monkey first.

I'm planning on working on my swatch for Silver Belle soon. I'm still working on mom's Wickedly Foolish Cardigan. I got more knitted on it last night at knitting group. And this time I remembered to knit the mock cables so I don't have to rip out again.

Pictures to come (I broke my camera last week and have to use my cell phone camera which only takes adequate pictures during the day in natural light, argh!)

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